They say beginning the new year well brings happiness and luck for the whole year. Our wonderful New Year’s celebration was organized by two production companies: Natalya Korol’s Thumbelina Production and Lana Gutman’s Little Fun for Everyone. It was held at the elegant Lighthouse Grand banquet hall. At the entrance stood a large, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and on the red carpet you could take professional photos with friends, celebrities, and beautiful girls. There was a variety of gourmet cuisine as well as alcohol, including champagne, wine, cognac, and vodka. Guests not only got to dance all night to lively music, but they watched the talented dance group, the Russian Souvenir, perform. Santa Claus came out to dance as well, even bringing gifts for the children attending. Great fun, glamorous designer dresses, and dancing till morning made this event unforgettable. Happy New Year!