LIGHT OVER A GENERATION The Biography Of Dawn Christie

Dawn Christie is known as the most gifted and powerful spiritual messenger of our time.

She received the gift of intuition at the age of 8,

which connected her to a higher, universal level.

Through her connection to this higher level, Dawn has been able to help people around the world ascend to their highest potential.

To this day, her ability to tune into a soul, see the past, and illuminate the individual’s purpose on this earth has been unmatched.

The genuine love and passion with which she carries out her work compliments the unbelievable gift that she offers.


Author of the The Hidden Veil, Dawn has produced a

piece of literature that not only inspires, but informs us how to truly LIVE!

It also gives us a glimpse into her extraordinary life, full of miracles and numerous success stories.

It will  touch you, make you pause to reflect, and speak to your inner soul.

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She has helped bring light to countless lives across the globe.

From young adults, to business professionals, and those in the entertainment industry

she has assisted a wide array of individuals with their own personal and business decision making.

She currently resides in Los Angeles at her world renowned facility:

 The Dawn Christie Spiritual Retreat and Spa,

where she offers her spiritual readings for individuals or couples, via phone, skype or in person.

She also offers private retreats of varying lengths for the individual or couple.

These retreats are all inclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences

that are designed to change your life and give you fast results.

They focus on mind, body, and soul.

 Dawn also offers spa programs that focus on anti-aging, weight-loss, detoxification,

and beauty regeneration. Clients enjoy the quick results, which are accelerated by Dawn’s incredible energy.

 Dawn has also been a resident host on LA TALK LIVES – THE DAWN CHRISTIE SHOW

where she captures the hearts of listeners and viewers internationally.


 Whether you have been fortunate enough to work with her in person, have experienced her across the pages of her book, 

or heard her enigmatic voice on air, it is certain that Dawn Christie represents a strong beam of light of hope and change for the world.

 The number of lives she has touched continues to grow each and every day,

and our world is better for it. 

 If you are interested in booking a life-changing reading, retreat, or spa package, please visit OR call 310-228-0541 OR  email