Meet Samira


Samira Kazemeni is the host of the Samira’s Show, an award winning International TV Show.  Samira Kazemeni is also a crowned beauty queen and a Jewelry Designer and CEO of Samira Gem Creations

Samira’s Show is a live talk show that brings celebrity interviews, actors, designers, producers and Etc… on the show. Samira’s Show also features a broad assortment of live entertainment including; Style & Fashion, Health & Beauty, and Business & Luxury. Samira’s Show also has celebrity coverage on the red carpet, fashion shows and many charity events. Samira’s Show was also awarded Best Media Award in 2013.

Samira also produced and hosted the much acclaimed Weekly Live Show at Omid Iran and Asreh Emroz TV. Samira also, co-hosted a show on Women’s Enlightenment on Melli TV. All in all, with four different languages under her belt —English, Thai, Farsi, and Hindi– Samira is an International woman. Samira has stamped  her footprint upon five different television shows,  either as a host or co-host. Besides the Samira’s Show, which airs live at 11:00 AM PST every Thursdays, Samira is also currently co-hosting another TV show, about health, with the world renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Morton Mazaheri, who has performed surgery on many celebrities, such as Betty Ford. This show also airs Thursdays mornings at 8 AM PST

Samira was crowned Ms. World Beauty Pageant in 2011, and was featured in several magazines.  Having a history and background as a their generation Jewelrer, Samira Kazemeni launched her new line of jewelry right after she was crowned. Samira has an eye for regal elegance and each of her pieces are fit to be adorn by discerning members of aristocracy. Samira Gem Creation has an “S” (for Samira) with a Crown and the jewelry has been worn by many celebrities and stars on television, red carpet events, fashion shows, magazines and in several motion picture films. Most Guests on Samira’s Show wear the glamorous creations by Samira Gem Creation.

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Finally, Samira has a passion for helping people; so she spends a substantial amount of her time donating and volunteering for charitable causes.  Among them, Samira is mostly committed to helping end cancer: the disease that her mother ultimately succumbed to in 2008.


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