Bob Delgadillo: Photographer

Bob Delgadillo one of Hollywood’s Favorite Photographers. Bob known as Uncle Bob does some of the event that samira Gem Creation and Samira’s Show goes to and highly recommended as truly reliable.

Born in Glendale California and has lived in the greater Los Angeles area continuously to present day.

Family: Bob has  2 brothers and 2 sisters. His younger brother Rocky Delgadillo was City Attorney for Los Angeles for 8 years and was  the highest ranking Latino to hold public office in Los Angeles City until Antonio Villaraigosa became mayor.

He is married to Lucy Luo and have one son Tyrone Delgadillo who is in the US Navy and is a chief Petty Officer. I have one grandson Khy Delgadillo 10 years old.

Profession: He has been working in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. Primarily as a technical design engineer. I have worked in the technical engineering design field at CBS Television City Studios in Hollywood for the past 20 years.

Photography: His mother was the family historian and photographer. Nothing professional but snapshots of every family gathering going back to the 1940’s. Probably the roots to his interest in photography today. He started taking photos and learning to develop film and making prints back to his junior high school days in the early 60’s. his interest continued on a amateur hobbyist level with film until digital photography took off in the mid 2000’s. The advent of digital photography and the Internet now made it easy to do great photography at a economical cost. More importantly the ability to share your work with other professional photographers through the Internet was key to reawakening my interest in photography. I soon graduated to a DSLR camera and started posting on photo sharing sites and got great feedback and encouragement to move my photography into the professional level.

His interest in photography started with nature, floral, landscapes and architecture. When he picked up digital photography his interest turned to street photography.  He started reading up on great street photographers like Henri` Cartier Bresson and his book “The Decisive Moment” and it just clicked in me that this is what I wanted to do, what I was meant to do. Event photography and Hollywood go hand in hand. There is something always going on from red carpet movie premieres, charity events, fashion shows and concerts. This type of photography is very challenging with unpredictable conditions and very tough competition. Things happen very quickly and if you are not ready you will miss catching that one moment in the event that tells the story.

The hours are long. For every hour of shooting an equal amount of time is spent processing. Hours after the event and everyone has gone home I am working on the computer trying to get them up by the next morning so that they can see what they looked like at the event. The pay is minimal at best. Usually just enough to pay for parking and gas or gear that needs replacing. The real reward comes from taking that priceless photo of a person at a special event that they will always treasure. What other job can one do that does that for their clients?

Bob started making plans to make a new career in photography about 2 1/2 years ago by going to any event that would let me take photos. He started going to car shows and free sporting events and big Hollywood movie premieres as a fan behind the barricades while professional photographers were standing on the other sides of the ropes taking photos while the celebs posed for them. His plans was to build up his portfolio to the point where hecould do event photography full time when he retired. He was lucky to get to 1 or 2 events a month at the start. Things have gone much faster than he could ever have predicted. He has met so many wonderful people who have helped him learn where events are and others who invited him to their events because they loved his work. Now he covers anywhere from 5-7 events per week and invited to usually 10+ per day.

The next step for him would be to do more studio and portfolio work. Not having a permanent studio and doing so many events has limited his experience in this area but the results have been very good. He has tried to bring  “in the moment” style into studio work and it has worked well and his clients have been pushing him to do more in that area. While Bob looks forward to that new challenge he will always continue to do event photography because it brings out the best in my skills.

As a freelance photographer Bob has worked or currently workis for the following media companies: WENN (photo wire service that sells photos to celebrity news outlets), PR Photos,, Shine On Hollywood Magazine, Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, Samira’s Show. He also also has a  professional page on Facebook as Bob Delgadillo Events Photography and my direct sales web page at

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