Samira’s TV Show Every Friday at 12:30 AM after Midnight on KSCI Channel 18

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Samira’s Show is an award winning international variety show hosted by the crowned beauty queen and jewelry designer Samira Kazemeni and produced by Michael Makabeh. Samira’s Show is an International Variety Talk Show. Samira’s Show brings celebrity interviews, actors, designers, producers & directors, medical doctors, attorneys, politicians, inventors, musicians, martial arts, athletes, artists, magic shows, beauty queens & pageants and great chefs who even cook live on the show. Samira’s Show also features a broad assortment of entertainment including; health & beauty, also celebrities coverage on the red carpet, fashion shows and many charity events.

Samira’s Show aims to educate, inspire, and motivate everyone to maintain their health, and discover their beauty and strive for complete fitness. Our mission is to encourage viewers to reach for higher goals in their lives and make noticeable strides toward obtaining them. Every week we invite a new cast of guests to join us in this mission.

Samira’s TV Show Every Friday at 12:30 AM after Midnight on Channel 18 KSCI.

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Red Carpet for the launch of this new show will be May 7th in Beverly Hills.







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