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Christapher Ryan Litton

Currently working as a Production Assistant on “Samira’s Show,” Christapher Ryan Litton is originally from the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Growing up, Christapher was actively involved with the arts—having started acting, singing and writing stories at a young age.  Christapher’s love for art eventually led him to school for Communications—where he actively became involved with production work.  Christapher received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio, Television and Film Production from his Alma mater Rowan University in December of 2008.  Towards the end of 2009, Christapher was able to relocate to Los Angeles to further pursue his career working in Entertainment.  Since relocating to the Los Angeles area, Christapher has worked various positions on production crews for many different radio, television and film projects.  He also continues to actively perform as an actor and singer on the side.  Christapher is also in the process of developing and writing his own film and television concepts, which he eventually plans to produce in the future.



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