Inspyred Creations: Steampunk Jewellery

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Meagan Brown is a Manitoba born artist, currently focusing on bringing wearable steampunk to the masses. Her company, Inspyred Creations is gaining renown through out the country and beyond with her one of a kind antique and vintage components made into charming pieces.

inspired careationsInspyred Creations is the blanket brand that Meagan uses for both her jewelry, art and other creative endeavors but primarily Meagan considers it her label for her steampunk jewelry creations. Growing up in a family farm home that is nearly 100 years old has left Meagan with a strong reverence for things from days gone by. The Victorian style of steampunk grabbed her attention at once and she hasn’t strayed since.

2013 saw Inspyred Creations off to new places around the continent to show her work including New York, and a trip to Toronto for an event at Toronto International Film Festival. In 2014, Meagan is eager to explore more new cities with her work, try new events like the reputed steampunk cruise, overseas consignment and sales and expanding her new sterling silver line as well. Her line is constantly changing as she never gets the exact same supplies twice which helps keep the work enthralling.






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