HE Organic Designer

10409140_10152736715242805_7305972239082575331_n 11039248_10152736715287805_7200651160187286351_n 11125189_10152736715232805_2018569600008235844_n 11129701_10152736715297805_8629049165032988204_o 11139757_10152736715282805_8570214189003388590_n 11163237_10152736715272805_3604080344713271199_o 11182231_10152736715257805_7353586219557586220_n 11187190_10152736715322805_6120266977644940028_oOrganic means helping to protect the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals such as pesticides that seep into the soil, water, air, and food supply. (Organic Trade Association)H.E. Organics means leaving a legacy that will make a positive impact on our planet and in our daily lives. It is our hope to inspire people to wear eco friendly fashions to exemplify the importance of sustaining our health and the well-being of our planet

H.E. Organics LLC was established in 2014 by the endless deep love for a child whose mother was like so many professional working mothers. Heather Murphy was working full time as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry and raising her 3 boys.  Her passion was to leave a legacy for her children, making a difference in their lives and in the world.

Prior to the startup of H.E. Organics, Heather’s middle son was born 2 months premature spending endless days in the neonatal unit.  As her middle son grew, he developed many allergies and eczema.  Searching for relief and full wellness for her child, she used her background and education to ignite the development of H.E. Organics.


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A style that refines elegance, yet is exceedingly comfortable.