Family Film Awards

We are so  honored  for Antonio Gellini, founder of Family Film Awards and Olympia Awards. I have so much respect for  his revolutionary changes to the cinema’s history, adding incredible values for families around the world.

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The World Film Institute (WFI), a nonprofit organization which promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality, was established to advance the motion picture industry worldwide and recognize excellence.

The World Film Institute believe by recognizing the achievement of family oriented production and talent, they  can affect the volume and quality of this area of entertainment.” ~Antonio Gellini

The Family Film Award seeks to honor excellence in family oriented film making. These awards are presented to “G” and “PG” rated feature films and family oriented television series and movies. A panel of industry leaders, celebrities, film critics and television critics vote for their top three choices in fifteen different categories. Those top choices as well as the winner of each category are broadcast on television during the Family Film Awards presentation.

The Olympia Award is a man and woman standing back-to-back on a globe. Beneath the globe are seven steps, each step representing a different art form: writing, music, sculpture, painting, dancing, theater and film.

The Olympia Film Award is the first competition to determine the best film from all major film festivals across the world. Just as athletes representing each country compete in the Olympics to determine the best athlete in the world, films representing each film festival will compete to determine the best  film in the world.


Looking Forward to one a great event Thursday December 11th from 9-11 at at the Universal Hilton Hotel.