The Peace Project: A Multicultural Fashion Gala

The Peace Project is to recognize Charitable Organizations for a year of Outstanding work and fortitude. This day we come together to give back to our youth. Children that are homeless, ill, face addiction, fatherless and much more. They need us, more than ever now.  The Entertainment Industry comes together to create and raise awareness.

A Spirit of Peace Award will be given to director Sabrina Parker.

Since 1995, Dare U To Care Outreach Ministries has provided a Christian-based residential program of recovery from substance abuse and criminal behavior to thousands of men and women, regardless of their backgrounds.

Headquartered in South Los Angeles, Dare U To Care is a 501 c) (3), state-licensed organization. Its program is a six-to-twelve month 12-step social model therapeutic community with an emphasis on spiritual development, improving life skills, and especially substance abuse education.

Dare U To Care provides the ideal recovery atmosphere for men and women who have been displaced or made homeless by substance abuse, criminal activity, domestic violence, incarceration, and extended dealings with the parole and probation systems. Many clients are ordered to enroll through the courts, while others sign up through the urging of family, friends or workplaces.



Clients of Dare U To care are provided housing, meals, one-on-one counseling, group meetings, access to medical and social services, group meetings and activities, and opportunities for career training and ongoing education.

Some of the Sponsors are:

Designers are:

Julieta Kleven
Allen Malloy with Jeran Design
Latricia Renee Price
Amy Ying Lai
Irucci Irina
Samira Gem Creation
Skin Tone Clothing
L’Enfant Terrible with Halley Davis
Alexandra Marie Scavo
Alyssa Norman
Sharná Jeffers with Elect Fashion
Ani Hovsepyan with Aniko
Nakita Chand with Chynni
Barbara Ashley with YUKIMULI
Imelda Korra with Addatood
Event Hosted by Bai Ling:
Location: Beverly Hills Country Club
Red Carpet: 7:00 PM
Event Date: Friday November 21
Dress code: Semi Formal to Formal
Address: 3084 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Entrance Fee: $30 at the Door: $50
Event: The Peace Project

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